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So, this has been a busy season and there has been a lot going on that I haven’t gotten to share. So, here is my attempt to be more in touch… Mostly, this will be a visual blog, but hopefully will give you some insight into what has been going on lately. I have been keeping quite busy and out of trouble between shooting, editing and finishing up albums from this summer’s weddings. I am back and forth between Denver and Summit County a lot these days, but it is fun to be able to enjoy all that each place has to offer. A trip to the Denver Art museum was a highlight last week. If you haven’t been there yet, I highly recommend it.

I will start this blog with a series of photographs that I recently ran across of my grandmother, who passed away just recently. I love the expression on her face as three of her five kids play one of their favorite childhood games.  

  • hoodoorunner - you captured the moment perfectly!

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