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Mountain Weddings- It might Rain

So, you want to get married in Colorado- perhaps high up on a mountain with beautiful views??? Well, the chances are good that between 3 and 5 pm the skies might cloud up a bit. But not to worry- the clouds can be a good thing. They can even be a great thing in terms of your wedding photos. First of all, the diffuse light from clouds can make for beautiful, flattering portraits. Black and whites? You bet! And the Colorado clouds make for stunning, dramatic images. Afternoon in the mountains is one of my favorite times to shoot- and often times, you can have the best of both worlds- great clouds for photos, and a rain-free ceremony.

So, my suggestions:

1) Be prepared: have an alternative indoor/covered option for your ceremony. Most venues have this available. It usually doens’t rain for that long, but it will probably be long enough that you don’t want your guests sitting in it

2) Remind your guests to bring a sweater or jacket. It usually get chilly in the afternoons when the clouds roll in.

3) HAVE FUN! it is your wedding day, afterall. Play along with your photographer, dance in the rain and watch for a rainbow!

Oh…  and finally, remember what the Italians always say:

Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata” (A wet bride is a lucky bride)

  • Laura - A mountain wedding, what a fantastic idea! There is so much scope for amazing photographs, in this day and age it is perfectly plausible too as it isn’t too difficult to find great umbrellas that coordinate with your wedding attire.

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