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A Brave and Beautiful Family :: Summit County, Colorado

I already admired Amy and her family after reading her blog (, but after meeting her in person this weekend, my respect and admiration only grew.   I am so thankful that Amy and Jon and their 7 children were able to enjoy the beauty of Summit County and a respite together through the Domus Pacis program. A brief summary of Amy’s story is below, and if you visit her blog, you can see what it is to stand bravely in the final days. Though her body is shutting down, her spirits and attitude remain strong. To Jon and each of the children: My heart goes out to you and I hope these photographs will remind you of Amy’s/your mom’s beautiful light and love for life and each of you.

I was diagnosed with stage III, metastatic breast cancer in October 2008. At about the same time, we discovered I was pregnant. Initially, the prognosis was bleak, but after detailed analysis of the cancer, successful surgery, and treatments, the picture brightened considerably. I completed nine rounds of chemotherapy, twenty-five radiation treatments, and took Tamoxifen until October 2010. 

After the fifth round of chemotherapy and various other treatments and tests, Gilead Victor was born six weeks early on Mother’s Day, 2009. He is a healthy littly guy and a joy to us all. 

In October 2010, tests showed that the cancer had returned in my liver and bones. This is now considered stage IV, terminal cancer.

*** Special note: Domus Pacis has just received a very generous offer from a donor to match any contribution made between now and September 30, up to $25,000. If you would like to help Domus Pacis continue to provide experiences such as the one the Bixby’s had, please consider making a donation!  For more information: (click donate in the lower right corner).

  • Sean McKendry - Wonderful story these photos tell of a loving family on a sunny morning in the Colorado mountains!
    To Amy, Jon and family, our prayers and thoughts are with each of you. Know that you’ve touched people in ways that I can only imagine are not entirely clear. What a truly extraordinary family!

  • Teresa Bowser - How unspeakably beautiful this family is. There is no doubt in my heart and mind that God loves you deeply and is holding each of you in His hand. Praying for you without ceasing. Love to you all from the Bowsers.

  • Photo Shoot | - […] vacation was a professional photo shoot. Here is the link to some of the pics. A big thank you to Storylens Inc for these beautiful and heart breaking photos. Share and […]

  • Joseph Harrah - I see so much joy in the eyes in these photos. I know there is sadness behind them too, but my prayer is that the sadness will pass and these pictures and a thousand other memories will keep the joy alive for ever!


  • Aunt Becky - What precious and beautiful pictures! God is so good to answer our prayers for you, Amy, and your dear family. I love you.

  • Stephanie - To the photographer:
    Thank you so much for taking these photos for the family, and thanks, too, for sharing them with those of us who have followed them online. You have an amazing talent & I am sure the family will treasure these photos.
    Last October the founder of Reformers Unanimous International, Steve Curington, died suddenly of a heart attack. Weeks later the RUI extended family was blessed when his wife, Lori, shared the professional family photos that had been taken just hours before Bro. Steve’s unexpected passing.
    Thank you for sharing your gift & talent.

  • Diana Durrill - Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures of our dear friends. We prayed for this special week of vacation in the mountains and it is wonderful to see how our God answered. Amy is a picture of grace and her trust in the Lord Jesus is an example to all. I’m so glad the children and Jon have these breathtaking reminders of their beautiful mamma and the joy God provided during these painful days. He is good – always.

  • Cheryl Perry - Your testimony is an inspiration to many! God’s ways are not our ways…someday we will understand! Praying the Lord’s continued peace, comfort, and unending love will surround each member of your dear family and friends during this time. Much love and many prayers coming your way!

    Cheryl Perry(Don Perry’s daugher-in-law) Todd’s wife

  • Kay - I’ve been praying for Amy for some timenow so when I saw they were given a “getaway” I was thrilled for them. As I looked through the list Jon wrote of what they were given, my eyes welled up when I saw that someone had given them a professional photo session. I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 12. I wish we’d had some special photos taken. I told my husband that I wished I could just say thank you to whomever was kind enough to do this for the Bixbys. Now I found out who you are. THANK YOU! You have no idea how great a gift you have given them – especially the children. I am not 12 anymore (far from it), but I still treasure every photo of my Mom. Having also lived in that part of Colorado, I also admire how wonderfully you caught they beauty of their family with the beauty of the area. Nicely done. May God truly bless your business/ministry.

  • Heidi Wentworth - Amy is from my home church in SC. What beautiful photographs for their family to cherish. A wonderful, blessed gift. I admire her grace during these days and pray for the Lord’s richest blessings on her and her family!

  • Sharon Hall - What absolutely lovely photos! So much adoration, love, joy, and serenity is caught in the expressions. Amy’s and Jon’s story of struggle has touched so many lives and hearts. My prayers continue for this family. Thank you for sharing these precious moments.

  • James Moran - Thanks so much for your testimony!!! You have touched my heart!!!! I know the valley of the shadow of death is deep and it also reminds me of Pilgrim’s Progress. I especially remember when Christian would hear voices whispering at him. It’s such a grand thing to be a Christian. We do feel so helpless to do right, just as Paul did. While I know Paul felt our helplessness to accomplish anything great in life for GOD, it appears that Paul DID accomplish far more than me, which is why I struggle with the thoughts of dying someday myself. Ironically, perhaps we oftentimes don’t even see the influence we do have for GOD on earth, such as your amazing blog and its witness to so many others. I guess I’m like you and find myself looking at the disciples and Paul and the prophets and their amazing sacrifices and righteousness compared to my pathetic attempts. It truly is wonderful to know that GOD loves us regardless. Thanks so much for your words!!!! GOD BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!! PRAYING!!!

  • Cathy Kanz - These photos are precious. We are stil praying for you ALL. I am posting updates for my friends at church via my FaceBook account. God Bless. Sincerely, Cathy Kanz

  • Lana - What a blessing these pictures are to Amy and family and to all of us…It is tremendous to see the peace god can give in such a trying time. Thank you to the photographer and all the others who made this possible.

  • Lynee G. - I don’t know your family, but I’ve read your blogs and now seen your beautiful pictures. I’m speechless and tearful, knowing the love and peace of Christ continually surrounds your family. God’s richest blessings on your beautiful family.

  • Andy Stevens - You all are in our prayers and thoughts. I’m so glad that you have help from the God of heaven in this time of trouble. He is faithful. As fellow believers we find ourselves both weeping with you in your sorrow and rejoicing with you in our common hope of eternal life. – Andy & Tia

  • Julie Dickert Fisher - What beautiful pictures…Amy, you show such strength and grace. I know it is our Saviour doing that for you. My prayers are with you all.

  • Debbie Herbster - Thank you for sharing these precious pictures. We have been praying for this family! What a wonderful testimony they have been of God’s amazing grace! May God continue to give all of you strength and peace as you continue on this journey. May the Lord be magnified! You are in our prayers~
    Pastor and Mrs. Carl Herbster

  • Tati Cordeiro - Thanks for sharing these photos! And thank you for your blog Amy. Your words reach my heart and I think of you and your family often. My love to all of you. Tati

  • Donna - These photos are truly priceless. Thank you so much for giving of your time and talent to capture these precious precious memories for the kids.

  • Gail Griffard - Oh what a joy to see Amy and Jon and their children having a great time.I can see all the love, they have for one another and the Love of God in all your smiling faces. Amy what a great testimony for all of us to see and read in your blog, it truly has been a blessing to me. The pictures are truly a God sent,for the whole family.I been praying for you and your family. I want to thank you again, Amy and Jon for sharing your most precious moments with your family. God Bless you all.

  • Jpan Acree - I was diagnosed with the same type of cancer in 2005. This month will be 6 years since a mastectomy, follow up surgery for removal of more lymph nodes, radiation and chemotherapy. God has so graciously spared my life, and, for now, there is no sign of returning cancer. My blessings: My oldest son was married and now has a three year old son. My daughter was married and is doing missionary work in Monterrey, Mexico, expecting their first. And my “baby boy” is working on his masters’ degree in Chemistry. I would have missed all these wonderful years, had not God given me this gracious gift. I am praying much for your family!! In the pictures, it looks like your oldest boy is having a tough time dealing with things, just by looking on his face. I will be praying specifically for him. God bless you all!

  • Sue Smith - Dear Amy and Jon,
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of your family with us. Praise the Lord for your remarkable testimony of HIS grace!

  • Linda - Incredible story ! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. However, the look of love & apparent pain of the oldest son’s heart is showing in his eyes and face as he looks at his Mom & was difficult to see…but thankfully Jesus will be with him too. Will be praying for this beautiful family.

  • Anne - Whoa amazing Amy you look beautiful. Love that beautiful black curly hair, that smile is gorgeous. Thank you for taking us on this Journey with you. We know we have never met but we all feel like we know you. The strength you are showing is amazing I know its is the Jesus inside you and knowing there really is a God and you are going somewhere that will be beyond words imaginable. I am so praying for your children and your husband. I am praying for complete peace during this time for you. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony it is Amazing. Lives are being touched by your words of Truth and Strength. What is important here on Earth you have it Family and Friends and Prayer. God be with her and those children and “Jon” may you give him the strength to keep leading in the days to come. You Lord are his Strength and Strong Tower. Psalm 121 is what I leave you Jon. God bless from Georgia.

  • Diana C. Simms - What heart-stirring photos! I’m thankful for godly folks who accept God’s will….though His will isn’t always the most pleasant, but His will is ALWAYS the best. What a tremendous blessing you have displayed as you continue to trust God in this “journey” of cancer. I too have breast cancer and I am greatly encouraged as I read your blog. I KNOW God will see you through this heart-breaking adversity. His grace is sufficient. The photos of your family were absolutely beautiful. What a joyous countance on YOUR face! Wow! May your testimony touch the hearts of thousands!

  • Anna Turner - The gift of a moment captured forever will be appreciated now and until the Lord returns. These bitter-sweet days of sunshine will be of great consolation for the family and friends of our dear Amy. Thank you for taking the magnificent photos and for sharing with those who love her. Our prayers are there for them, but something tangible like this is a boon to the heart and soul, too.

  • Kelli - What an amazing talent God has given you as the photographer. And how awesome of you to give that talent to families such as the Bixbys to allow them to have these last beautiful pictures and memories. The photos are all so full of color and light, and you have captured the love in this special family so beautifully.

  • Rebecca Heath - A friend of mine follows Amy’s story and frequently posts messages on FB of her journey home. I came to your site thru her recent post What beautiful pictures for the family to cherish. I am struck by the sadness of the oldest boy. You can see the pain in his eyes in most every picture as he does not smile. A special prayer for him tonite….I cannot imagine the pain he feels. God let them feel you wrapped around them in this difficult time.

  • angie - Beautiful photographs, beautiful memories that will be cherished.. your family is in my prayers.. I so wish I could just reach out and hug your kids but especially your son. I know the heartache is nearly unbearable, but God will get all of you through.. with much love and admiration.

  • Audrey Babich - I do not know this family but have been deeply touched by the photos and to see the lasting love for these children. They will always know the love that I see. God Bless you as you share your thoughts & memories of your family with each other and others. You can be strong for others someday. You never know how many hearts can be changed by listening to you share.

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